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Our Vision

Our vision is to rapidly advance our flagship project, Charley Creek, to be an economically robust, innovative and responsible mining business, focused on the production of strategic rare earth metals. Our vision is based on core strengths, those being large areas of enriched mineral tenements, an experienced team of experts and supportive stakeholders. Our tenements have extensive mineral potential for a long-life project with few encumbrances. Project longevity will allow us to focus on business decisions with sustainability in mind. We believe our project will be a major provider of clean strategic minerals from within Australia for years to come. We recognise that our success will be possible by identifying value and investing in its realisation. Improved efficiency has to be cost-effective in terms of capital and operating costs. Sustainable planning decisions will consider environmental and community impact, rehabilitation, site consumption and choose production consumables that can be recycled, amongst other factors.  A good business, in our view, means satisfying our stakeholders whilst not creating long-term liabilities. Our vision will be realised by completing necessary study work to encourage and support further investment, leading to the development of a profitable business in the near future.

Eric Vesel, CEO

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